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Why are overhead garage doors so popular?

Overhead garage doors do not occupy too much space since they open upwards and follow the route of the garage door tracks in a parallel way with the ceiling. These systems are very convenient according to Garage Door Repair Buena Park and also practical.

Why are Genie and Liftmaster remotes highly recommended?

Each manufacturer excels in a different field and both Genie and Liftmaster produce fine garage door openers and remote access systems. Their remotes as well as keypads work with the rolling code technology and that means enhanced safety, practicality and plenty more features.

Can I have my garage door custom built?

Yes. Many garage door contractors and companies offer custom-built garage doors. However, customized garage doors still have their limitations. Our specialists recommend sticking to standard-sizes since they generally cost less and require less time and effort, as there is no need to resize or rebuild the door.

What is the best way to lengthen the life of my garage door?

Our garage door repair Buena Park experts highly recommend periodic maintenance and tune-up. These services offer thorough checking of moving parts so you can prevent frequent repairs. It also involves significant tests that protect you and your family.

How can I ensure overhead door safety?

Overhead door safety is ensured with wise choices. You must make it a habit to check the sensors and the springs. Sensors keep the door from entrapping someone. As long as garage door springs are strong, the door won't fall unless you mess with the tracks.

What should I do when the opener is humming?

The opener would hum when the door keeps running although it is already open or closed. It would hum if there is a motor problem, the overhead door is locked or the opener is activated but there is an obstruction keeping the door from moving. So, attend to these problems or call Garage Door Repair in Buena Park for services.

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