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Simple Fixes for Malfunctioning Garage Door

02/27/2014 Back To Blog

Simple Fixes for Malfunctioning Garage DoorEven if you have the most advanced and well maintained system, you may still have to make a simple electric garage door repair here and there. After all, each system is exposed to the elements, to dust and dirt, to wear and tear and to the activities of people so perfect operation at all times is typically not possible. Take a closer look at some commonly occurring issues and use some practical advice on how to fix them.

Effective Troubleshooting Tips

If the door does not move at all or it opens without you doing anything, the problem must be with the electrical components of the system. Check the plugs and ensure that none of them is out of its socket. Replace the batteries of the garage motor remote just to be on the safe side. Inspect the wiring and the other electrical components for any obvious signs of damage and have the system fixed.

If the opener itself does not run smoothly and/or makes strange noises, it may have got overheated. In this situation, you should let it cool for about 20 to 30 minutes. If the issue is not fixed, then you will require garage door motor repair.

If the motor of the opener is running smoothly, but door will still not move up or down properly, you should check each garage door track for obstruction. Obstruction is a common issue and it can be caused by pebbles, dead insects and accumulation of dirt.

You simply need to remove the obstruction. Just make sure that you disconnect the opener first. Clean the track properly and make it a point that it gets the lubrication maintenance which it requires on a regular basis.

Each and every problem has a fix. You just need to identify it safely and use the right troubleshooting method. Use extra care to ensure your safety and that of people around you when you make any type of garage door repair.

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